Who We Are?

TagATune is a two-player online game that collects data about sound clips and music, such as tags and similarity comparisons. The game was launched in May 2008, and can be played at GWAP.com.

This website is created to host data collected from the game and to showcase algorithms and applications that use these datasets. Please check back frequently for updates


  • Edith Law

    Ph.D. student in the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University and a Microsoft Graduate Research Fellow

  • Olivier Gillet

    Works at Google, daily crunching vast amounts of text and audio signals

  • John Buckman

    the founder of Magnatune, a record label known for its commerical application of Creative Commons licensing

Latest News

GWAP (Game with A PurTerms and Conditionse): a computer game that harness human abilities and time in providing useful data towards solving difficult problems that computer cannot yet tackle.

The TagATune paper will be presented at CHI ’09 in Boston, MA. The video on the left is to be presented at CHI Madness, a fast-paced concatenation of 25 seconds previews of all talks in the conference.

Magnatagatune, a new dataset consisting of data collected by Tagatune on music from Magnatune.com, is recently released here. Want this dataset to grow? Play TagATune a few minutes a day!

Our Team

Great teams are growing all the time, so we invest in the career development and well-being of our team members, knowing that their diverse perspectives, talent and commitment make our communities and company better. We aim to create a Terms and Conditionsitive atmosphere where team members can feel fulfilled, be challenged and love what they do.